Custom House Portraits

Custom Watercolour House Portraits are approx 6″ *8″ (to fit within an 8″ * 10″ frame) and up painted on 140 lb. watercolour paper and can be framed easily.

My House Portraits are $160 – $240 CAD and up plus shipping if required. I request 2-3 digital photographs of your home, business or cottage. I do confirm any needed specifics before the work is started. Currently, custom house painting orders will take 3-4 weeks for delivery.

I am currently taking orders for December 2017!

All of my House Portraits are hand-drawn and hand-painted with watercolours and ink. I do not use any tools to allow for 100% accuracy (no grids, no transfers, no light table, etc), just hand-drawn by eye, so please note my illustrations are not intended to be a perfect representation, but a creative and artistic version that I hope speaks to the uniqueness of your cherished home or your brick and mortar business that holds a special place in your heart and soul.

Please do make sure my art style is what you are looking for as payments are required in advance (upon booking) and are non-refundable. 

Here’s the Extra Special news! – Once your painting is complete, I will send you a digital file right away while you are waiting for your original painting in the mail. You can use this file for your personal use – perfect for greeting cards, family letterhead and social media!

Please contact me with a couple of photos for a quote!